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5 Reasons to Get LED Lighting for your Iowa Home


LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights are a type of lighting that is becoming more popular in the residential market. The reason for their rising popularity is that their technology is becoming cheaper to produce yet more reliable and effective. Today’s commercial models are more energy-efficient, last longer, and take less maintenance than conventional light bulbs. The Department of Energy estimates that by 2027, widespread LED usage could save about 347 terawatt-hours per day, which equals a savings of about $30 trillion dollars at current electricity prices. Reasons like these provide good examples of why you should get LED lighting for your Iowa home.

Here are five reasons to change to LED lighting for your Iowa home:

They’re environmentally friendlier

While older lights have their share of disposal issues, LED lights are much more simple to dispose of. Fluorescent lights, for instance, creates light by running electricity through mercury vapor. By doing this, the lamp creates ultraviolet light that makes the phosphor-coated lamp glow. However, the mercury in the lamp means you can’t simply dispose of it. Instead, you have to take special precautions when it’s time to get rid of them. With LED lights, you can simply recycle them without any sort of special considerations.

They’re more energy-efficient

LED lighting uses about half the electricity used by traditional incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent lighting. This means LED lights can save plenty of money on electricity costs. The savings can be even greater when replacing lights that are on most of the day. A major reason for LED lighting’s efficiency is because it’s a directional light that only brightens up a semicircle, as opposed to the 360° range of normal lights. Directional lights help cut back on wasted energy, but can be bundled together to provide the same spherical coverage of a classic light bulb.

Great CRI

Color Rendering Index (CRI) measures a man-made light’s ability to show an object’s natural color compared to natural light. Low CRI lights, like sodium vapor lamps, often make objects look a yellow/orange color. However, LED lights have a CRI ranging from about 65 to 95, which is considered excellent. If you’re designing your outdoor lighting, your lighting’s CRI rating can be an important consideration.

They’re safer

A common hazard with most lights is that they produce a lot of heat. To compare, LED lights emit very little heat while incandescent light bulbs turn over 90% of their energy into heat. This means that not only does about 10% of their energy actually go to lighting up your home, but they can also get dangerously hot. Also, LED lights use less energy and can work on low-voltage electrical systems. These systems tend to be safer in case something goes wrong.

They have long lifespans

Some of the highest-quality LED lights can take around 30-50 thousand hours of usage. Compared to the 1,000-hour lifespan of incandescent light bulbs, this is a huge jump. Even compact fluorescent lighting can’t compare, with a lifespan of only 8,000-10,000 hours. Also, it’s worth noting that LED lights don’t suddenly “burn out” like normal light bulbs. Instead, when they near the end of their lifespan, LED bulbs will instead start to dim, giving you heads-up that you need to replace your lights. LED lights can help you make your home’s lighting lower maintenance.

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