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5 Electrical Upgrades to Add to Your Iowa Home


Your home’s electrical system might not be something you think about too much. However, don’t you think it’s worth it to keep it running at its best? If your home’s electricity is unreliable, you may struggle to live comfortably and are at risk of electrical disasters. Remodeling your Iowa home can give you a great opportunity to give your electrical system much-needed upgrades. Improving your home’s electrical system is a big step in improving your comfort, efficiency, and safety.

Here are five electrical upgrades that can improve any Iowa home:

Electrical panel upgrades

Our current demands for electricity can often be too much for older electrical panels. A modern energy-efficient version of an appliance can still use a lot more energy than an older model. By upgrading your electrical panel, you can improve your home’s electrical capacity for electronics and other upgrades. Also, upgrading the electrical panel will give you a good opportunity to swap out any damaged or old wiring.

Smart electronics

Smart electronics, like hardwired smoke detectors, are a simple yet effective way to improve your home’s electrical system. Their ability to be programmed and interface with other smart electronics makes them very useful for any home. Hardwired smoke detectors, for instance, work as an entire system so if one detects a fire, all of them go off.

New wiring

Older wiring, like older electric panels, can have trouble keeping up with modern electrical demands. Also, older wiring is prone to fraying and other damage. This damage putting your family at risk of electrocution and your home at risk for electrical fires. Because of this, rewiring your home is a great way to ensure your home’s safety.

Whole-home surge protection

Whole-home surge protection consists of a system of surge protectors strategically placed to keep your electronics safe from power surges. This system can protect your electrical system from all kinds of power surges, whether they come from severe storms or the tiny ones from your electronics working.

Extra outlets

Outlets are what let you use your electronics by connecting them to your electrical system. Not having enough means you’ll have to switch around plugs or make tough decisions on what you want to be plugged in. Also, you might want preexisting plugs to get some service because they’re getting damaged. Whether you need new outlets or simply repairs, we can provide!

Why call Integra to keep my electrical system up-to-date?

Electrical systems may be complicated—but that doesn’t mean electrical service has to be. When you call on our Integra professionals, we keep things simple by providing superior service at a price that you can feel good about. At Integra Electrical, we believe that affordability and safety should never be compromised. Bridging the gap between fair prices and valued service, we provide the consistent and customized solutions that Central Iowa homeowners and businesses deserve.

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