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7 Signs You Should Upgrade Your Circuit Breaker


A circuit breaker is a key part of any safe electrical system. Their job is to shut off the circuit if something goes wrong, protecting the system from a short circuit or overload. However, like every other part of your home, it’ll get worn down and eventually need an upgrade. But how do you know when your circuit breaker needs an upgrade? Integra Electrical can help you recognize when you should arrange for a circuit breaker upgrade in your Iowa home.

Here are seven signs you need to get a circuit breaker upgrade:

Still using fuses

Older homes may still use fuses to protect against short circuits. Homes used circuit breakers back in the day when we used a lot less electricity. This means that fuses generally can’t handle as much electricity as a circuit breaker and should be upgraded.

Heated components

When you touch any part of your electrical panel, it should all be around the same non-descript temperature. However, failing circuits can make the area around them hot to the touch. If you notice any heat from a tripped circuit breaker, call an emergency electrician before you reset the breaker.

Resetting troubles

Like generic light switches, circuit breaker switches have two options: on and off. When resetting a circuit, you simply have to flick the switch back on. However, if there’s a problem, it might flick back immediately, stay in the center, or refuse to budge from the off position. Any of these occurrences should have you calling an electrician.

Inexplicable tripping

Circuit breakers often trip when the electrical load becomes too great for their circuit. However, sometimes they might trip when they have a completely safe load. These kinds of trips hint that you have a bad breaker.

Frequent tripping

An obvious sign that your circuit breaker needs upgrading is if it trips up frequently. When specific circuits are tripping frequently, that may be a sign of a bigger issue. You should consult with one of our electricians to find out what the exact issue is.

Evidence of electrical fires

Improperly grounded or contained electricity can make sparks fly as electricity jumps between components. If this is causing your circuit breaker to trip, you might notice singe marks on your breaker or acrid smells. Hold off on resetting the circuits and call us to take a look.

Old or damaged wiring

Old or damaged wiring tends to cause problems with any electronics they’re connected to. Lights can flicker, plugging in appliances may result in an electric shock, and you might smell burning around your appliances. All of these are signs you should call a professional before your home is seriously damaged. It may be a good idea to ask about rewiring.

Why call Integra to work on my electricity?

Electrical systems may be complicated—but that doesn’t mean electrical service has to be. When you call on our Integra professionals, we keep things simple by providing superior service at a price that you can feel good about. At Integra Electrical, we believe that affordability and safety should never be compromised. Bridging the gap between fair prices and valued service, we provide the consistent and customized solutions that Central Iowa homeowners and businesses deserve. We believe there’s more to business than making a profit. We are a value-driven business dedicated to delivering honesty, integrity, and exceptional service. People first, we commit to providing for you, our customers, our employees, and our community. You deserve the comfort of knowing we’re available whenever you need us. Someone is always answering our phones 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call Integra today to schedule your circuit breaker upgrade!