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5 Signs Your Home Needs Switch and Plug Repair


The switches, plugs, and outlets in your home act as a connection between the electrical system and you. However, they get frequent use and thus are subject to a lot of wear and tear. When these get worn down, they become more than an inconvenience, but a danger. The chance of electrical shocks or fires are something you shouldn’t ignore. You’ll need to call professional electricians to help you with your home’s switch and plug repair. The big question, however, is how to tell when your switches and plugs need repairs.

Here are five signs that you should call for switch and plug repair:

Broken faceplates

As you use your plugs and switches, you might wind up wearing down the faceplate. When it gets damaged, it can expose bits of the wiring behind the plate. Even the smallest crack can open you up to dangerous electrical arcing when you flip the switch or plug something in.

Warm or burnt plastic

When a cover feels warm or has the look or smell of something burnt, you may have a serious issue. When internal contacts or wire terminals deteriorate, they can heat up and cause burning behind the cover. This can be very hazardous, capable of shocking you, melting more of the cover, and starting a house fire. If you see these signs, shut off the circuit breaker for that outlet or switch and call us as soon as you can!

Noisy switches

Faulty light switches can make a wide variety of buzzing noises. It might just be a loose wire connection, but it may also be a worn or defective switch that needs replacing. However, dimmer switches can also cause certain light bulbs buzz as the filament structure vibrates. Try experimenting with different types and brands of bulbs before you make any major repairs in that case.

Ungrounded outlets

As we mentioned before, outlets with only two-prong holes don’t have any grounding. Outlets with three holes can protect your home from power surges by grounding the charge into the earth. Using those outdated outlets can put you and your home’s electrical system at risk. If you still have two-holed outlets, call us to modernize your outlets.

Lighting delays

If you notice a delay between flicking a switch and the light coming on, the switch might be getting old. This usually happens when the electrical contacts get worn from years of use. The good news is that is generally isn’t a fire hazard, but the switch will still die soon. So be sure to call us to schedule a replacement.

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