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4 Benefits of Installing Occupancy Sensors in Iowa


You probably have a good idea of how lighting works. When the switch is on, the light is on. However, there are drawbacks to this classic design. Countless times someone leaves a light switch on for an empty room and wastes lots of energy. What if there’s a better way to handle lighting? Occupancy sensors work by turning on lights when someone is in a room and shutting them off when no one is around. Learn from Integra Electrical what you stand to gain by using occupancy sensors in Iowa.

Here are four reasons to upgrade your lighting and get occupancy sensors in Iowa:

Energy efficiency

This is one of the most obvious advantages to occupancy sensors. When you don’t have to worry about people leaving the lights on, you can save a lot of money and energy. In addition, having the lights turn off automatically can help cut down on light pollution.


If a burglar is in your home and the lights suddenly turn on, do you think they’ll want to stay? Occupancy sensors can do a lot for deterring burglars and anyone else skulking about at night. In addition, having lights that automatically turn can help keep you avoid having to stumble around for a light switch in the dark.


Versatility is an oft-ignored advantage of occupancy sensors. Not only are occupancy sensors usable with lights, but they can work with anything that operates on an outlet controlled by a light switch. If you get creative, you can find some good uses for the sensors and reduce your energy bills further.


There are times in our lives when it just isn’t convenient to flick a light switch. Maybe we’re carrying something heavy, or it’s the middle of the night and you can’t see. Whatever the case may be, occupancy sensors can help solve that frustration.

Why is Integra Electrical my best choice for home service?

Since 2007, Integra Electrical has been making a difference by helping homeowners with their electrical systems. Our company puts people first by offering high-quality service at affordable prices. People come first, and we devote ourselves to providing to you, our customers, our employees, and our community. If you’re considering installing occupancy sensors in your Iowa home, call the experts at Integra Electrical!

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