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The Lifesaving Benefits of Hardwired Smoke Detectors


It’s no secret that smoke detectors are an important part of any safe home. On average, these lifesaving devices last about ten years before you have to replace them. Next time you replace them, consider picking up hardwired smoke detectors for your next model. These smoke detectors not only run on batteries, but also on your home’s electrical system. This is a minor change, but it provides major benefits to homeowners who own them.

Here are some reasons hardwired smoke detectors are superior to battery-only models:

Secondary power

The main benefit from hardwired models comes from having two sources of power. Not only do they run on batteries, but they also have a connection to your home’s electricity. With regular models, you have to deal with changing the battery and hope they’ll be okay when a fire starts. With hardwired models, as long as there’s electricity running in your home, the alarm is ready to alert you of fire. If the power does go out, that’s what the battery back up is for.


If your home has multiple hardwired smoke detectors, they can all work together to keep you safe. Normal smoke detectors operate as separate units that don’t receive feedback from other smoke detectors in your home. However, if a single hardwired detector goes off, every other one in your house will go off. This can save you precious minutes if a fire starts somewhere in the house and it can spread without anyone noticing it.

High-quality heat detectors

While normal smoke detectors have been improving in their ability to detect fires, hardwired models are also good at detecting fire. Many hardwired alarms have heat detectors built into them that require them to experience heat and smoke to go off. This can help cut down on false alarms from things like burnt dinner, thereby making the alarm more accurate.

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