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Why is my Circuit Breaker Tripping in Iowa?


Circuit breakers are automatic switches that protect circuits from damage when it detects a fault. Located in your property’s electrical panel, each circuit breaker allows electricity to run in certain parts of the property. When a circuit breaker detects amperage above its maximum, it’ll automatically turn off to protect your circuits. They’re a direct upgrade to fuse boxes. With fuses, they’ll burn out and need replacing, but circuit breakers are reusable.  In general, there are three reasons you’ll have a circuit breaker tripping in Iowa.

Here are three reasons you’ll likely see circuit breaker tripping in Iowa:

Circuit overload

Circuits can become overloaded when an electrical wire or circuit receives more amperage than it’s supposed to handle. They can also be caused by loose or corroded wires or connections. To determine the problem, unplug everything the circuit is connected to before resetting it. After giving it a few minutes of rest, plug in and turn on items one by one until you find what caused the overload. If circuit overloads keep happening, you might need to install a new dedicated circuit and outlet for the area.

Short circuit

Short circuits occur when an active/hot electrical wire touches a neutral wire, causing a large amount of current to overrun the circuit. There are a lot of other reasons they can happen, including loose connections, a slipped wire, or animals chewing on the wires. Short circuits are easy to notice as it can cause sparking noises, sparks, or smoke to come from the fuse box. They can also be dangerous because the high temperature they generate can be a fire hazard. If you can’t find the source yourself, call a qualified electrician.

Ground fault

Ground faults happen for a variety of reasons. These include when an active/hot wire touches the ground wire, a grounded portion of the junction box, or a grounded area of an appliance. Many parts of the home are required by the National Electrical Code (NEC) to be protected by Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) in order to prevent electrical shocks and fires. Ground faults tend to happen when equipment is or defective or broken.

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