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Subpanel Installation in Windsor Heights

Subpanel Installation

Unless you’re an electrician, you don’t hear an awful lot about your subpanels. They’re something of an unsung hero of your electrical system; diligently working in the background to make sure you can keep the lights on throughout your home. Typically speaking, your subpanel/s is basically used to extend wiring from the main panel to various other parts of your home. Subpanels are massively valuable for homeowners that own properties that have been or will be expanded upon as they are often one of the only ways to power these newer areas.

We recently ran a subpanel replacement job for a homeowner in Windsor Heights. They needed a premium 60 amp subpanel to expand an existing breaker into another part of the house. They also asked us for the installation of circuit extensions and a premium Arc Fault Circuit Interrupting Breaker for safety protocol. 

Upon arrival, our first order of business was to install the new subpanel, which needed to be mounted on the wall near the main service panel. Next, our technician routed the wires through the subpanel and essentially made the panel ready-to-function. Afterward, the subpanel is attached to the main panel and it is activated, allowing power to flow freely between the two and toward the intended area of the home.

Afterward, our team focused their attention on the installation and subsequent testing of a brand new, premium-grade Arc Fault Circuit Interrupting Breaker. What this tool does is essentially sends test signals throughout the existing wiring in your home looking for the start of an electrical fire. When it detects any potentially dangerous anomalies, the device shuts down before a fire can break out, allowing the homeowner to rectify the issue before it becomes one. This will prevent 98% of electrical fires on protected circuits and is a major factor in why these devices have been required in homes since the 1999 National Electrical Code came down.

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