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Doorbell Repairs in Mitchellville

doorbell repair

Do you need electrical work done in Mitchellville? Don’t entrust just any old company with your electrical needs: call Integra Electrical. For the last ten years, we’ve been the state’s go-to choice for electrician service and it’s not hard to see why. Our team members are unparalleled in their expertise and professionalism. We treat each and every call like it’s our own home we’re working on because we care.

Still not convinced? Take this recent customer we just worked with. They called us to their beautiful Mitchellville home to address an issue with their porch lights and doorbell not functioning correctly.  Within hours, our team was on    the scene looking into the issue. 

It took a little trial and error, whittling away at the possible culprits for the issue. The circuit box and wiring turned up clean. Eventually, they were able to discern the reason behind the malfunction. A damaged transformer that supplied power to the lights and doorbell. Aside from regular mechanical wear and tear, which is sadly unavoidable with such a heavily used piece of equipment, a faulty transformer is by far the leading cause of issues with doorbells. Thankfully, this is usually an easy fix. One repaired transformer later, the lights were on, the bell was ringing, and the customer was satisfied. 

If you’ve ever visited a friend’s house and frustrated yourself slamming on a broken doorbell, you’ll know why it’s so important to keep it in working order for your home. Call Integra today for the very best electrical service in Mitchellville and Indiana!

Our team of expert electricians are standing by now for help with doorbell issues in Mitchellville! Your doorbell is a vital part of welcoming visitors to your home and alerting you to any deliveries and the like. Don’t let it fall into disrepair due to a very amenable issue like a blown transformer. Call our office today and see why local homeowners trust their electrical systems to Integra!


A damaged transformer is the usual suspect when something goes awry. If that isn’t the case, one of these may be behind your doorbell woes:

Faulty Wiring: It’s rare, but sometimes the wiring behind your doorbell can be the cause of a malfunction. This is mostly the case in older homes that haven’t had their electrical systems properly maintained. Wire damage can come from any number of sources, including water exposure, old age, and rodents, to name a few.

Mechanical Malfunction: As we talked about above, your doorbell takes a lot of wear and tear on the day-to-day. After transformer blowouts, mechanical failure is the leading cause of broken doorbells. Since the inner workings of bells are complicated and very, very small, your best bet in this instance is to look into replacement for your current bell. It had a good run, it’s time for it to retire.

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