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Generator Installation in Des Moines

installing generator at home

Do you need generator installation in Des Moines? A generator is an invaluable piece of tech that can serve you well in a pinch. In the event of a sudden storm or other power outage, a good generator is able to keep you and your home powered until the DPW can re-establish the grid. But the installation of a generator can be a difficult process without the proper background and electrical engineering experience. Homeowners looking for a solid generator installation need look no further than Integra!

Take this homeowner in West Des Moyne as an excellent example. They needed a generator installed before the cold months set in, and needed it winterized to protect against the winter weather. Over the course of a few short days, the Integra crew was able to properly outfit the home with a brand new Generac generator. 

The first order of businesses was installing a new meter main, as well as surge and ground rods. These components are critical for electrical safety, which should always be the first priority when embarking on any home improvement project. After the rods were in place, the next matter of business was the grounded water meter, which would help the homeowner get a feel for their upcoming water bill. The circuit from the meter was looped in to make way for the generator itself. 

generator installation in des Moines

generator installation in des Moines

Next on the agenda was the generator installation itself. Most generators are hefty pieces of hardware, so it required a level of precision to make sure it was safely and properly put in place. We first gave it a safe and secure home by placing a concrete slab for it to rest on. After it was safely in-place, we hooked it up and installed a transfer switch for the following day. 

After we let it sit overnight, it was time to come back and finish the job. We outfitted the generator with a cold weather kit, to keep the machinery safe from the harsh winter weather in the months to come. And after a quick technological process that allowed the homeowner to control the generator from their smartphone, we were able to clean up the worksite and drive away from a job well-done.

Our team of expert electricians are standing by now for help with generator installation in Des Moines! A generator is a massively handy piece of equipment to have in the event of an emergency, which can happen at any time. Don’t trust such an intensive project tony old provider. Call our office today and see why local homeowners trust their electrical systems to Integra!