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Ceiling Fan Installation In Polk City

ceiling fan at home

Looking for ceiling fan installation in Polk City to help circulate cool air in your home this summer? There’s no doubt that the practicality of a ceiling fan is ideal in the summer. They not only cool the room down but provide a comfortable amount of air circulation throughout the whole house. This can save you money on your energy bill by allowing you to run your air conditioner less frequently and at a lower temperature. The team of expert residential electricians at Integra Electrical recently completely a ceiling fan installation in Polk City along with several lighting upgrades for a homeowner who was to not only improve their home’s air circulation, but the quality of their lighting, too.

Recessed Lighting To Compliment Your New Ceiling Fan

Bright and even lighting can be achieved in even the darkest parts of your home with recessed lighting installation. These overhead lights were dispersed throughout the ceiling, for full illumination of a laundry room, without the need for any bulky fixtures. With recessed lighting, there is no longer a need for multiple lamps and a lack of outlets. They are perfect for low-ceilings and work very well in kitchens, hallways basements, and more.

Why Install a Ceiling Fan?

If you plan on using air conditioning in your home this summer, you may not see the benefit of installing or upgrading a ceiling fan. However, using a ceiling fan may actually help you get the most out of your air conditioner. For an average of $0.01/hr. (Yes, you read that correctly – one cent per hour!), you can extend the reach of the cool, conditioned air produced by your A/C. So even rooms without vents can still still stay cool. Most new ceiling fans are designed to operate this energy efficiently, so even if you already have a ceiling fan, you may still be able to save money by upgrading to a newer model.

A new ceiling fan installation in Polk City will benefit you not just in the summer, but all year long. It can be run in the winter, as well, to extend the reach of your heat. This can help uneven heating in your home by helping the air travel between rooms.

Pendant Lighting & Fixture Upgrades

Modern light fixture upgrades helped transform this Polk City home into an updated luxury space. Their existing light fixtures dated the home with their tarnished brass finish and dull, dim illumination. Working in conjunction with their new recessed lighting, the metal pendant lights installed by Integra Electrical have an industrial chic appearance and will add a touch of flare to the homeowner’s décor. Lighting upgrades are an affordable way to give a room a whole new feel. This pendant lighting upgrade was very affordable, and actually gave the homeowners some extra budget leftover that they were able to spend on other parts of their renovation.

Call Integra Today For Ceiling Fan Installation in Polk City

Our team of expert electricians are standing by now for ceiling fan installation in Polk City! Installing a new ceiling fan or upgrading the one you already have will not only brighten up your lighting, but circulate your indoor air to help you get the most out of your heating and air conditioning all year long. And for an ultra-low cost of about $0.01 per hour to operate, you will benefit from not only their functionality, but their ability to update the look and feel of your room.  Call our office today and see why local homeowners trust their electrical systems to Integra!