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Lighting Upgrades In Norwalk

upgrading lighting at home

Looking for lighting upgrades in Norwalk to modernize your home? One of the biggest concerns that you should have as a homeowner is finding the right additions to add more appeal to your residence. For most homeowners in Norwalk, lighting upgrades throughout the house can make a world of difference. Lighting is one of the main issues that should be addressed when trying to improve not only the appearance, but the functionality of each room in your house. Without proper lighting upgrades, you will experience issues like an overall decline in the room’s atmosphere or the inability to function in either rooms due to a lack of visibility. Read on to see the progress of a recent lighting upgrade in Norwalk completed by the experts at Integra Electrical.

Kitchen & Bathroom Lighting Upgrades In Norwalk

Bathroom Vanity & Sconce Lighting

One of the most used methods of illuminating a bathroom is vanity lighting. Not only will a light fixture above your bathroom vanity or mirror help you to navigate your way to the bathroom during the night time hours, they can offer a level of appeal that is unrivaled. A simple light fixture change is one of the easiest ways to help bring your bathroom back from 1970. This modern track lighting sconce added a touch of class to the bathroom in this Norwalk home.

Ceiling Fan Replacement

There’s no doubt that the practicality of a ceiling fan is ideal. They not only cool the room down but provide a comfortable amount of air circulation throughout the whole house. This can save you money on your energy bill. This house replaced an old, builder’s-grade light fixture with a modern ceiling fan to not only improve their kitchen’s air circulation, but the quality of their lighting, too.

Recessed Lighting

Bright and even lighting can be achieved in even the darkest parts of your home with recessed lighting installation. These overhead lights are dispersed throughout the ceiling, or placed exactly where you would like them, for full illumination without the need for any bulk fixtures. They are perfect for low-ceilings and work very well in kitchens, hallways and basements.

This basement has very few small windows, making natural lighting scarce. Recessed lights were installed to increase its functionality. There is no longer a need for multiple lamps and a lack of outlets. This space can now be utilized as a gathering area as it was intended.

Basement Lighting Installation

Even the basement of this home in Norwalk received lighting upgrades. A no-frills lamp with a new switch will allow this homeowner to easily navigate this area for storage and access to utilities.

Light Switch Installation

If you have ever had to fumble around searching for a lamp switch after entering a dark room, then you can understand these homeowners’ frustration. And it may be time to schedule a lighting upgrade, yourself! Improved functionality was a major goal for these lighting upgrades in Norwalk. A double switch was installed to allow the new ceiling fan in the kitchen to be controlled independently of the light, saving the hassle of having to control it manually.

Call Integra Today For Lighting Upgrades In Norwalk

Our team of expert electricians are standing by now for help with lighting upgrades in Norwalk! Upgrading your lighting is not only a way to inexpensively modernize your home, but can greatly improve the functionality of each room. No more gaudy chandeliers or tripping over the rug while trying to turn on a lamp in the dark. Call our office today and see why local homeowners trust their electrical systems to Integra!

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