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Circuit Installation In Carlisle

ceiling fan in the bedroom

Looking for circuit installation in Carlisle to bring adequate power to your Iowa home? When circuit breakers become overloaded, they shut off as a safety mechanism. If yours are tripping regularly, there is an issue that needs to be addressed by an electrician. Short circuiting  can occur within your electrical wiring when there is a low current connection between your fuse box and the device you want to power on. For example, if there is something wrong with the wires that are connecting everything, they might “short” out. The coating on the wire could be worn away, or broken from the breaker to the outlet. Even small animals in the rodent family sometimes chew through electrical wires in your walls. This is usually a problem that needs to be looked at by an electrician because sparks or fire can occur.  Read on to see the progress of a recent circuit installation completed by the experts at Integra Electrical.

30 AMP Circuit Installation in Carlisle

We made the decision to install a 30 amp circuit to this Carlisle home’s electrical panel so their living room and dining room could have adequate power. They were previously unable to use their dining room light while several of their kitchen appliances were running. We also installed a three-way switch to allow the ceiling fan/light fixture in the dining room to be controlled by switches at both the kitchen and the hallway entrances.

20 AMP Circuit Installation in Carlisle

The 20 amp circuit installed by Integra Electrical will power the kitchen and hallway lighting. These homeowners will no longer need to decide between which light they want to run – they can now see their walking paths clearly at all times, regardless of the time of day. Their bedroom ceiling fan was upgraded to a sleeker, more modern model to give the room an easy update.

Electrical Switch Troubleshooting & Replacement

Our team was able to improve the usability of this home’s newly updated lighting systems by not only installing new switches, but by troubleshooting and replacing their faulty existing ones.  If nothing is plugged into the outlet or there aren’t too many items stressing the electrical supply, it’s perfectly normal for it to be a tad warm. The lights tend to do that in a house. In general if it’s too hot to touch, that’s a serious problem. Damaged wires can cause excessive heat on regular switch plates.

Call Integra Today For Circuit Installation In Carlisle

Our team of expert electricians are standing by in Carlisle now for help with all your home’s panel upgrade and circuit installation needs! Circuit breakers prevent your circuits from getting overloaded. As the electricity being drawn from a particular circuit begins to reach 100% capacity, the circuit will shut off to protect the electrical wiring in your home. Older homes may not have enough circuits to accommodate the modern lifestyle and all the electronics that come along with it. When in doubt, call a licensed, professional electrician to upgrade or review your circuit panels.  Call our office today and see why local homeowners trust their electrical systems to Integra!