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Hanging Light Installation In Des Moines


Are you looking for a hanging light installation in Des Moines? Are you looking for an easy upgrade to your dining area? At Integra Electrical, we can help you install all types of hanging lights within your home and all subsequent electrical services. We recently did just this for one of your neighbors! They had a hanging light fixture that they wanted installed as well as a need for a new subpanel with AFCI breakers. Check out our post below to see the latest hanging light installation in Des Moines completed by the team here at Integra.

Older Homes & AFCI Breakers

This home was build in 1912, so when bringing new electrical equipment into an older home, in this case a hanging light, it is best to bring in new breakers. This makes the electrical system safer for the home owner and allows the equipment to function at its full potential.

Panel Installation

The team at Integra was able to install a new sub panel off of the existing panel. Next, all the circuits where moved over to the new sub panel to run though the new AFCI breakers (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) to protect against fires caused by arcing faults.

Hanging Light Installation In Des Moines

To install the new hanging light fixture in the ceiling a round pan electrical box was used. The new hanging light brought a fantastic glow to the room and the customer was very happy with the final result.

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