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Electrical Outlet Upgrades In Des Moines


Are you looking for electrical outlet upgrades in Des Moines? At Integra Electrical, we can help you safely upgrade your out of date or broken outlets, or install brand new outlets inside or outside of your home. We recently completed a series of electrical outlet upgrades for one of your neighbors who was looking to upgrade their home’s old builder-grade outlets and smoke detectors, which were ungrounded and no longer compliant with electrical safety codes. Check out our post below to see the latest electrical outlet upgrades in Des Moines completed by the experienced team here at Integra Electrical.

Old Home Electrical Receptacles

Ungrounded receptacles are receptacles which are two pronged and have no way to channel electrical current to a ground or earth source. Replacing two pronged outlets with three pronged outlets will safely ground the outlets and dramatically reduce the risk of electrical fire.  In addition to replacing the two-pronged receptacles it is necessary to have an electrician check your panel’s grounding source.

Keeping your home safe can start with a visual sweep and inspection of your electrical outlets. Two-pronged outlets are most obvious sign that your home’s electrical system is out of date and potentially unsafe. Updating these outlets should be the first step in making sure your home is free of fire hazards.

Electrical Outlet Upgrades In Des Moines

Electrical Outlet Upgrades In Des Moines

Can Your Circuit Breaker Handle A New Outlet?

Knowing how much power your electrical breaker can support is an important prelude to upgrading an outlet. You will need to determine how many different circuits run off each breaker and exactly how much power each circuit can deliver before breaking the circuit.

Electrical Outlet Upgrades In Des Moines

Electrical Conduits For New Outlets

It will be very important to know what the power source for your new outlet will be. Is a conduit or wire in this location readily available, and if not- how do you plan to access one? If you do not know where the electrical conduits run inside your walls, you may need the help of a professional to locate one. We ran a conduit through to the Des Moines homeowner’s basement so we could safely install a brand new outlet where one previously did exist.

Electrical Outlet Upgrades In Des Moines

Outdoor Electrical Outlet Upgrades In Des Moines

Outdoor outlets are some of the best and handiest electrical upgrades available. Outdoor outlets provide ease in plugging in outdoor electrics such holiday lighting without having to worry about tangling up an unsightly extension cord. However, even weatherproof casing will not fully protect your home from electrical hazards if your outdoor electrical outlets are not safely grounded.  This homeowner can now safely run their Christmas lights outside without worrying about electrical hazards caused by moisture and other weather elements. Schedule an outdoor electrical outlet upgrade in Des Moines by Integra Electric today and rest easy knowing your home is safe.

Electrical Outlet Upgrades In Des Moines

Builder’s Grade Electrical Upgrades

Builder’s grade or homeowner’s grade outlets are the least expensive outlets that can be purchased. There is a very good chance that if your home has been built by a contractor and you did not specifically request a higher grade outlet, then you have builder’s grade outlets installed in your home. Builder’s grade outlets are of an overall poorer quality and are designed to last for 5 to 10 years at most. On the contrast, commercial grade outlets are built to last for up to a hundred years. Call Integra Electrical today to upgrade your outdated, builder’s grade outlets to a safer option for your home.

During our recent electrical outlet upgrade in Des Moines, we not only replaced the homeowner’s unsafe and outdated electrical receptacles, but their smoke detectors too! We replaced their old, stock smoke detectors that were installed when the house was first built with new combination smoke detector/carbon monoxide detectors for even more added safety. This home now has several added layers of protection against electrical hazards including fire, from safely grounded outlets to updated smoke detectors.

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Our team of expert electricians are standing by ready to provide our customers with electrical outlet upgrades in Des Moines. Call our office today and see why local homeowners trust their electrical systems to Integra!