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Lighting Upgrade In Johnston


We recently completed a lighting upgrade in Johnston, IA for one of your neighbors. The included adding upgraded outdoor GFCI outlets, recessed lighting and a smart doorbell, and additional lighting upgrades with new fixtures inside.

When you feel like your interior design is beginning to feel outdated, upgrading your lighting is one of the easiest ways to make a space feel modern again. Old brass fixtures have begun to look old or can actually show their age with discoloration. Large, clunky lighting fixture can be replaced by recessed can lighting that seamlessly fits into the ceiling. By getting a lighting upgrade with Integra Electrical, this family made their indoor space feel new again!

Before the Lighting Upgrade

The fixtures in this home were ready to be brought into a more modern style. The homeowner provided the fixtures they wanted and our team got to work making sure everything was safely installed. It may be tempting to do a DIY project with home upgrades, but with electrical wiring it’s always best to leave it to licensed professionals.

After the Lighting Upgrade

After the upgrades to their home lighting, the space looked fresh and new again! Our team replaced multiple fixtures throughout the home with new ones provided by the homeowner. Whatever your home design goals, Integra Electrical is here to help you make them a reality.

When it comes to removing multiple lighting fixtures, it’s best to call on professionals who can ensure it’s done safely. This job required removing large lighting fixtures and adding new connections. Plus, we also added some GFCI safe outlets outside the home as well! GFCI outlets are important because they protect the outlet from water damage and grounds the outlet to prevent electrical shocks.

If you plan to have outdoor electrical appliances, make sure you have GFCI outlets that can safely be used in any weather.

Call Integra for all your lighting upgrade needs!

When you need to install new lighting fixtures, call on your local electricians at Integra Electrical. A DIY project might sound fun at first, but when dealing with electrical wires it’s best to leave it to a professional who can ensure your family’s safety. New lighting is a great way to improve and update your home to feel more contemporary. Recessed lighting and modern fixtures are just one of the many services are electricians are happy to provide for our customers!

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