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5 Spring Electrical Lighting Upgrades


While it feels like winter may never end, we’re much closer to warmer spring days than you think. When warmer weather hits Des Moines, local homeowners begin using their outdoor spaces again and getting out of the house. Spring is an ideal time to consider adding some electrical lighting upgrades to your home. You can enjoy them all spring and summer long, and a few of these upgrades will come in handy for winter, too!

Consider the following home improvement ideas to make your home shine during the spring season. 

Add Additional Lighting to Your Patio Area

Th days may be getting longer and warmer, meaning you won’t always want to go inside when the sun goes down. The warmer weather means staying outside enjoying your backyard or patio space with family and friends. By installing additional lighting upgrades on your patio, you can stay out as late as you’d like. You can opt for subtle, softer lights to illuminate your walking path or go for more eye-popping, party lights. The styles, designs and functionality options are endless!

Consider Additional Outdoor Outlets

Outdoor outlets are some of the best and handiest electrical upgrades for homeowners who use their outside space. Imagine how convenient it would be if you had a weatherproof outlet in reach every time you wanted to plug in an appliance, radio, etc. And outdoor outlets aren’t just handy for spring. You’ll be happy to have these outlets when the holidays come around and you can avoid having clunky, tangled extension cords running all over your home. 

Install an Electronic Fire Pit

Install an electrical fire pit to add a new feature to your backyard. Electrical fire pits provide the warmth and ambiance of a traditional wood fire pit- without any of the hassle of chopping wood. Maximum relaxation with minimal headaches!

Install Outdoor Flood Lights

When you have motion sensing lights on your garage or mounted above your doorway, anyone who triggers them will be bathed in light. This is convenient for when you and your family get home late at night, but it also acts as a deterrent to strangers. Homes with security lighting are less likely to be the target of burglars.

Lighting Your Walkway

If you want to add some extra lighting to your walkways, consider adding hanging lanterns. These will be out of the way and provide a great look for any outdoor pathway. There are hundreds of designs and styles of outdoor lanterns to choose from so you can achieve the aesthetic you want. Plus, once you have lanterns professionally installed, they are fairly easy to maintain. And if you choose the right type of long lasting light bulbs, you won’t have to worry about constantly changing burnt bulbs.

If hanging lanterns aren’t your ideal lighting option, try lining your walkway with ground-level accent lights. Accent lights can either be embedded right into the ground or just above ground like tiny lamps. Both options offer many possibilities for design so you can choose the best option to fit your personal style. Many people like to opt for the in-ground lighting option because this option makes lawn maintenance easier.

Call Integra Electrical For Your Outdoor Electrical Needs

At Integra Electrical, we can help you achieve the outdoor space you want. Our certified and experienced electricians put your family’s safety first, so any work we do is completed to the highest safety standards. From outdoor outlets to lighting upgrades, we can make your patio or backyard a space you can enjoy all spring and summer long. If you’re considering an outdoor electrical project, call Integra today and see why more homeowners trust their systems to us!