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Detached Garage Power Installation in Des Moines


Do you have a detached garage in Des Moines? Is it often hard to navigate at night due to the lack of lighting? At Integra Electrical, we can help make your garage a functional space by adding a power line from your existing electrical panel. We recently did just this for one of your neighbors! They had an existing garage that did not have the electrical hookups needed to run lighting and use outlets in that space. Check out our post below to see the latest detached garage power installation in Des Moines completed by the team here at Integra.

Before the Power Installation

The garage needed a dedicated underground circuit running to the garage as well as new outdoor 2gang weatherproof receptacles. Below you can see a drawing of where the work would be done.

During the Power Installation

The team at Integra was able to dig out the area to safely install the underground circuit to run power to the detached garage.

After the Detached Garage Power Installation in Des Moines

The garage circuit was then given a dual function breaker and GFCI protection was implemented from breaker in panel. GFCI protection is important because it grounds the wires and prevents surges which can damage your system or create electrical fires.

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