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4 Common Winter Electrical Problems


Although homeowners in Indianola use their electricity all year round, the winter months put extra stress on your system you may not think of. It’s crucial for you to be on the lookout for these potentially dangerous issues as winter rolls through Central Iowa. The professionals at Integra Electrical have put together a list of common electrical problems that plague homeowners in the winter.

Tripped Breakers

During the winter we spend more time inside trying to say warm and less time enjoying the outdoors. The cold temperatures running your heating system constantly, plugging in portable heaters, and having seasonal decorations to add some cheer during cold nights. All of this extra demand puts a strain on your electrical system leading to tripped breakers and flickering lights. It can be frustrating to go down into your basement and flipping breakers each time a spare heater is turned on. 

You can prevent these issues from happening by upgrading your electrical panel to accommodate this strain. A new electrical service panel installed by Integra Electrical will be able to accommodate the increased demand and keep your lights burning bright. 

Damaged or Frayed Wires

A damaged wire is dangerous at any time of year but can be particularly harmful in the winter. Damaged wires expose you and your family to electrocution and increased chances of electrical fires. When the snow starts to fall we want to plug our heaters in right away and flick on the fireplace. If your electrical wires aren’t up to snuff, then you can be in danger. Integra Electrical is able to upgrade your service panel or rewire your home so that it can handle any of your common electrical problems, big or small.  

Old Heating Equipment

Old heating appliances can wreak havoc on your electrical system. They often aren’t compatible with modern homes and can frequently short out. These older pieces of equipment must be checked frequently to ensure their wires are in good condition. If wires are failing or components inside malfunction, these older heaters can start an electrical fire or shock family members. We recommend checking your portable heating equipment and ensuring it’s safety before using inside your home.

Static Electricity

Static electricity is an annoying condition that is very common in Iowa winters. The dry air inside your home allows for the build-up of static electricity. If you’re near an outlet, this can cause a serious shock for you or a family member. In order to prevent this, Integra Electrical recommends getting a humidifier in order to reduce the dry air in your home. Humidifiers will also reduce that stuffy feeling inside your home and reduce common winter respiratory problems. 

Why Choose Integra Electrical?

When you choose Integra, you get a family owned business that cares. We understand the responsibility of taking care of the ones we love, and we put that same level of dedication into our work. All of our electricians are fully trained and certified, so you can trust their workmanship and knowledge on any issue. At Integra, we bridge the gap between fair prices and a valued service that is done right. We give you the best service with honesty and integrity.

If you’re experiencing any of these common electrical issues, call Integra Electrical today!