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Wind Storm Electrical Repair In Ankeny Iowa


Are you in need of wind storm electrical repair in Ankeny, Iowa following the recent storm? On 8-10-20 in central Iowa, storms with hurricane speed winds ripped through many of the communities that we serve here at Integra Electrical leaving lots of damage in its path. We got a call from one of the many homes in the area with electrical damage. Check out our post below to see the team here at Integra was able to help this customer return power to their home.

Wind Storm Damage

The service mast was knocked off the house from a large tree branch (seen below) which instantly left the customer with an unsafe situation. The power had been disconnected from the house and the power lines were exposed.  In this type of situation the power company must immediately cut power to the home to preserve the safety of everyone involved until the connection to the home is fixed.

Repairing the Storm Damage

To begin our wind storm electrical repair in Ankeny Iowa, we had to work to restore the power connection to the home. This service required a new main electric line to the home, replacement of the service mast, along with new conductors and conduit.  You can see below the pictures of the power connection damaged before the team here at Integra made the repairs. We also coordinated with MidAmerican, the local power provider to reconnect the power once the installation was complete and was safe for the customer.

wind storm electrical repair in Ankeny Iowa

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