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Breaker Repair and Replacement in Pleasantville

inside a breaker

Do you need breaker repair or replacement in Pleasantville or the surrounding area? Look no further than you neighbors from Indianola; Integra Electrical. Our expert electricians can handle any job big or small, and breaker repair happens to be one of their many specialties. When you need circuit breaker repair, we’re THE electricians to call.

Take this homeowner, for example. Her circuit breaker sustained some heat damage and was in need of repairs. She called up in and we got out to her on the double. Once our crew was on the scene, we determined her home needed a 100 AMP Service Update. In other words, we realized her existing breaker needed to be upgraded to expand its power capacity by 100 AMPs.

The first order of business was, as always, making sure the power was off and not flowing through our work area before we began work. After proper safety precautions were taken, we got to work replacing the burnt out, heat damaged components. Once they were out of the picture, we were able to begin implementing the new components that wouldn’t just bring the breaker back online, but bring it back even better than it was before.

We installed a premium-quality breaker panel, a premium meter socket (with a safety shut off!), premium surge suppression, ground fault breakers, a new grounding system, and new conductors to the utility connection. These new features allow the breaker to operate at a higher capacity than before, while also operating in a more safe and sustainable capacity. When breaker panels malfunction, they are an obvious inconvenience for homeowners, but there is also potential for electrical fires if they are not installed with the proper safety protocols for the AMPs traveling through them.

Call Integra Electrical Today for the best breaker repair in Pleasantville and beyond!