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Garage Lighting In Des Moines

garage lighting

Your garage is likely one of the darkest places in your home, and in dire need of a little light. And that is doubly true if you fall into the 45% of Americans that utilize their garages as a workspace of some variety. Take this Des Moines home we recently visited as a prime example of how the Integra crew can bring a little light to even the darkest garages. 

garage lighting in des moines

As lighting jobs go, garages are relatively simple, as most of them don’t have as much drilling to do when compared to the main living section of a home. We lucked out in this particular instance, as the exterior side of the garage itself was clear and open to the installation of a single gang bell box and a round fixture box, both of which will serve to supply power to the soon-to-be-installed interior lights.

garage lighting in des moines

Again, because of a garage’s nature, the crew were able to handily trace the wires from the wall over to where the customer wanted the lighting fixtures to be. Once the proper wiring was in place, all that was left was to affix the lights to the garage ceiling itself. Two fluorescent lights later, and the customer’s garage was receiving proper illumination and we drove away from a job well-done.

garage lighting des moines

When you want the very best service carried out by the very best electricians in the business, call Integra. You’ll be glad you did!

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