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Don’t Be Shocked: How to Keep Your Pool Wiring Safe This Summer

swimming pool at night

There’s nothing quite like your own personal pool to help get you through the summer heat. Many pool owners even decide to spruce up their personal oasis by lighting their pool with underwater bulbs to achieve a calming, ethereal effect. But to keep a pool well-lit, you need to get some electrical work done. And you don’t need to be an electrical engineer to understand that water and electricity are generally a pretty dangerous combination. But they don’t have to be. A basic understanding of electrical safety and proper installation can set you up for success all summer long. The expert electricians at Integra Electrical offer pool wiring services so you can safely enjoy your pool, spa or hot tub.

When It Comes To Pool Wiring, GFCIs Are Your Best Friend

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) are hugely important in keeping electrical safety in and around your pool. These devices function as a safety mechanism to keep faulty wiring from electrocuting anyone who may be in the pool at the time of malfunction. When electrical currents are deemed unstable, which can happen from water interference, the GFCI immediately shuts off the circuit to lessen the severity of the ensuing shock. GFCIs are mandatory for pools in most areas of the US so you don’t just want one, you legally need one.

Know Your Electrical Work

When your electrician installs your pool wiring, take notes. Remember where things are. In the event of an accident, you need to know EXACTLY where the circuit is so you can shut it off to stop the flow of electricity into the pool. Once you know where the circuit is, label it clearly and plainly for easy identification in the event of an emergency.

Schedule Regular Inspections

Pool owners know that regular care and maintenance are critical to preserving the health of their pool. Regular electrical safety inspections should be lumped in with your care routine. A simple visit from a trained electrician can uncover and stop any potential safety issues before they become potential threats. Pool wiring does fail over time; wires corrode underground and light bulbs require changing after extended use. Do not attempt to diagnose these issues on your own. A licensed professional will be able to easily and quickly determine any potential safety hazards around your pool.

Keep All Electrical Devices Away From the Pool

A bit of a no-brainer, but with summer pool parties come radios, Bluetooth speakers, smoothie blenders and more electricity based appliances. Again, it should go without saying, but keep them away from the water. Not only would falling into the water ruin the device, but also be a danger to anyone in the pool at the time. In the event that an electric device falls into the water, it’s very important to remove the device from the water before attempting to help the person. A premature attempt to aid the person in the water could result in you being electrocuted as well. Use a pool cleaning tool to fish the device out of the water first.

Contact Integra Electrical For Pool Wiring Today

Still have questions about pool wiring or general pool electrical safety? Call Integra Electrical today for all your pool lighting needs. Our professionally trained, master-level technicians have the expertise and the experience to provide you the very best service, no matter the job. We’ve been Des Moines’ favorite residential and commercial pool wiring and lighting electrician for over a decade, PLUS we offer same-day service when available! No one knows how to light up the night quite like us. Call today!