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West Des Moines TV Mounting

tv mounting at home

West Des Moines TV Mounting

Looking for West Des Moines TV mounting service to get your tv mounted safely and efficiently? Look no further than the expert residential electricians at Integra Electrical. There’s no doubt that a wall mounted flat panel tv can not only free up floor or shelf space in your home, but improve watching experience by allowing you to tilt and shift the display to best suit your seating arrangement. After investing money in a new tv, who wouldn’t want to get the most bang for their buck by simply upgrading its location?  The team of expert residential electricians at Integra Electrical recently completely a tv mounting project for your neighbors in West Des Moines in just over one hour’s time.

Why Hire a Professional For My West Des Moines TV Mounting Job?

Although mounting a tv is a relatively straight forward job, any mistakes may result in a broken tv and damage to your wall and other furniture. A professional installer will come equipped with the appropriate tools and hardware to keep your tv secure and in place with minimal damage to your wall. Your new tv will be completely leveled to prevent not only a noticeably crooked screen, but a tilted mounting bracket that will prevent your tv from staying in place.

A professional installer will not only mount the television to the wall, but also assist with hiding any messy wires, adapters and other electrical components out of sight behind the wall.

Recessed Outlet Installation

Recessed outlets allow furniture, or in this case, television and electronic equipment, to lay flush against the outlet without the need to leave any room to accommodate bulky plugs. These West Des Moines homeowners will be able to enjoy their new tv without the need to buy any additional cable management materials. Their wires will be completely hidden and the tv will lay flat on top of the outlet so the wires are invisible from all angles.

Infrared Repeater (IR) Systems

An IR system extends the reach of a device such as a cable box or DVD player so that their remote can control them from a further distance, or from behind a cabinet door. With an IR system, you can hide these devices out of sight and still conveniently control them because the remote will no longer need to be pointed directly at it from close range, because their reach has been extended. This further organizes your entertainment system by allowing you to store more electronics out of plain sight.

Which TV Mount is Right For Me?

This West Des Moines TV mounting job was carried out with a customer-supplied full-motion bracket. But with several different types of brackets available, you may be unsure of which bracket type is best for your tv. The pros at Integra Electrical are standing by now to help answer any questions you may have about mounting your flat-panel tv.

  • Fixed Mount — A fixed bracket is the most basic tv mount option available. With a fixed mount, the tv will not swivel, tilt or move in any direction. These brackets are the cheapest and easiest to install, but are limited in their capabilities. Any cables plugged into the back of the tv will lay against the wall, so you may need to remove the tv if you ever need to access or unplug these cables.
  • Tilting Mount — A tilting tv mount is one step above a fixed mount. The mount itself is stationary, but allows the display to be tilted anywhere from 5° – 15° vertically. They do not allow for any horizontal movement, but improve viewability for those watching the tv from different heights. You can tilt the tv to accommodate children viewing from the floor or guests watching comfortably from the couch.
  • Full-Motion Mount — A full-motion mount allows you to fully customize the position of your tv. An extending arm is mounted to the wall so your tv is able to extend outward from the flush-position and tilt both horizontally and vertically for the perfect viewing angle. These brackets are more expensive than brackets with a more limited range of motion, but allow you to easily access the back of your tv, which makes wire configuration much easier.
  • Ceiling Mount — If your home lacks wall space or if you want a TV to hang in the middle of a room away from the walls, you’ll need to use a ceiling mount. There are several different types of ceiling-mounted TV brackets available, including ones that can accommodate multiple TVs, ones that swivel, ones with adjustable heights, ones that are motorized to retract back towards the ceiling and more. Because of the increased strain this will add to your ceiling, you should always contact a professional before moving forward with installation.

Call Integra Electrical Today For West Des Moines TV Mounting Help

Our team of expert electricians are standing by now for TV mounting services in West Des Moines! Mounting your flat-panel tv to the wall not only looks sleek and modern, but will free up floor and shelf space in your home and improve viewability by allowing you to customize your viewing angle. Most mounting projects can be completed in as little as one hour, so you can get back to watching and enjoying your shows ASAP! If you have your own mounting bracket already, or need help selecting one, we can help. Call our office today and see why local homeowners trust their electrical systems to Integra!