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100 AMP Upgrade In Indianola


Do you have a new home addition, garage, or out-building on your property? Do you want it to have access to reliable power like the rest of your home? Then you’re going to need to update your electrical service to connect the new building. Recently our team was contacted by a homeowner about a new garage where they wanted to extend electrical service. After discussing options with our team, they decided to go with a 100 AMP upgrade in Indianola. Check out the photos below to see the great work done by the Integra Electrical team!

100 AMP Upgrade in Indianola

We started by giving the garage its own circuits and outlets. For an upgrade like this, we want to ensure the space is functional and able to provide for every need the homeowners may have over the years. GFCI outlets and a panel with clearly labeled breakers are key to a functional, safe system. We also added an air compressor connection in the panel.

Features of the 100 AMP Upgrade in Indianola

We added some ceiling lighting in the barn-style ceiling of the garage. These lights are perfect for a space like this because they’re out of the way and allow for full use of the garage space. No chance of hitting one on a wall while moving cars or belongings around!

New Meter and A Motion Detector Outside

In order to provide another level of safety, we also installed a motion sensor outside the building. This allows the homeowners to safely access the garage at night without fear of tripping in the dark. Motion sensors are also a great way to deter burglars from the property. It’s so small, it’s almost invisible!

These customers also chose to use our financing option. Financing allows for big projects like this to be affordable with small monthly payments and no money down. At Integra Electrical, we know investing in your home can become expensive, so we are proud to offer financing options for large projects like this!

Why Choose Integra Electrical As Your Electrician?

We go above and beyond to provide the best service to our customers. At Integra Electrical, our customer’s safety and comfort are our main goals. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year to provide your home reliable electrical service. Whether you need an electrical service upgrade, a ceiling fan installed, or a total rewire of your home- no job is too big or too small for the team at Integra Electrical.

If you need an electrical upgrade in Indianola, contact Integra Electrical today!