Under Cabinet Lighting

Minor Enhancements With Major Impact

Your kitchen has all of the latest gadgets and upgrades, but something still feels off. It’s not until you nearly cut yourself working under the dim lighting that you realize how dark your kitchen actually is.

The good news is that under cabinet lighting can take your home to a whole new level—and Integra Electrical is the team to help get you there.

Lights With the Brightest Benefits

Our fully licensed electricians can install these hardwired lights in the places where you need them most. Through this service, our team has seen firsthand the wonders that under cabinet lighting can do for a home.

Some of the most worthwhile benefits of these fixtures include:

  • Improved energy efficiency. Rather than spend a significant amount of money to light up the entire room, you can use these fixtures to focus the light where you need it most.
  • Increased functionality and safety. When you see better, you focus better. With under cabinet lights, you can remain concentrated on your work—without running the risk of hurting yourself working in the dark.
  • Greater visual appeal. You’ve worked hard to create and maintain a home that you can feel proud about and share with your family and friends. With under cabinet lighting, you can show off some of the most worthy features and amenities in your home.
  • Caters to different kinds of bulbs. These fixtures can be installed with all different kinds of bulbs and wattage usage, depending on your desired brightness.

From LEDs to fluorescents, our experts at Integra Electrical can set your home up for success with under cabinet lighting. Homeowners throughout our Central Iowa service areas have been left in awe over the impact that these lights have had throughout their home.

Shine the Light with Integra Electrical

To breathe new life into your home with under cabinet lighting, fill out our online form or call Integra Electrical at 515.305.2017 today.