Why is Electrical Grounding Important for my Home?

One of the things you just found on an inspection report, because you’re getting ready to sell your house is the need for proper electrical grounding.  Maybe you just had a house inspected that you’re going to be purchasing. You just found out that there are lots of plugs in the home that are not grounded. You also found out that service or electrical panel, the main distribution spot for your whole home does not have proper grounding.

The reason why this is so important is because grounding causes the wire protection devices or the circuit breakers to operate correctly. Without grounding, the breakers will not operate optimally.

If there’s an event that happens and the circuit breaker doesn’t recognize that there’s a problem, it doesn’t shut off a catastrophic issue that could be happening. That’s what grounding helps take care of.

The second really big important thing it does is to help surge devices work properly. Surge protection devices work by clamping an over voltage coming in from the utility or maybe a lightning strike. It takes it and says, okay, I’ve got to do something with this surge. It’s got to go somewhere. So, it sends that surge to ground. If there’s no ground at the plugs, for example, or no good grounding system at the breaker panel, then the surge arrestor cannot operate optimally, if at all. In that event, you’ve got a really nice surge arrestor that’s not operating. It’s just a plug strip and won’t do you any good.

So we’ve really got to get those plugs grounded and make sure that the breaker panel is grounded to make sure those other systems operate properly.

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