Swimming Near a Boat Dock is Risky!

It’s getting to be summertime.  You’re going to be doing fun activities outside like taking the boat to the lake and maybe some camping.

One of the things we’ve become sensitive about around here at Integra Electrical is boat dock safety.  Here in Iowa we don’t have as many boat docks as coastal states like Florida.  Nonetheless we have enough to make us careful to examine the electrical around them.

Lots of boat docks have conduit systems or piping systems that run all the way down the pier, maybe the marina where boats come and plug in to use the electricity from the dock instead of running a generator.

I would be very cautious of these docks. I’m a father of five kids and I know that kids like to horse around and have fun around water.  In some situations, there has been transient voltages running off or the boat docks or sometimes off of faults that are in boats.  The boat comes up and plugs itself in.  There’s an electrical fault in the boat and the water becomes electrified around that boat.  A swimmer then tries to swim this electrified portion of the water.  Once they are in the electrified current, they become paralyzed and tragedy follows.  More casualties follow as others jump in to save the paralyzed swimmer and get paralyzed by the same electrical current.

I would encourage you not swim near docks with electricity.  You can recognize this by recognizing plugs or conduit around the area.  Go to a public beach.  You safety is too important.  You just don’t know how well the area has been maintained.  It’s better just not to risk it.

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