Why Does My Hair Dryer Trip a Breaker?

Maybe one of the things you’ve been struggling with is that hair dryer in your bathroom keeps tripping the circuit breaker and you are just tired of it.

This can be extremely frustrating. Those little hair dryers happen to be one of the largest current “eaters” in your home. You need a robust circuit running from the main voltage distribution center (breaker panel) all the way to the bathroom. It’s a circuit that’s not hooked up to anything else in your home.

When these circuits take care of other loads in your home like lights or plugs in other rooms, your hair dryer will trip the circuit breaker because it’s overloaded. You’ve put too much on that circuit and now it can’t take it any more and the breaker is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do.

We would recommend a dedicated circuit from the breaker panel to the bathroom. This means it’s dedicated just to the bathroom. It’s not going to take care of anything else. It’s run from the panel all the way to the bathroom with no other places that it could be connected to. That will solve that problem.

There could be one other issue. It is possible that your hair dryer may be defective. It could cause your
GFCI receptacle to trip. If the GFCI keeps tripping, try your hair dryer in another GFCI plug. If the second plug trips, you probably have a defective hair dryer and you need to replace it.

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