What’s Your First Impression?

Did you know that studies have shown it takes only 7 seconds to develop a first impression of someone?  That’s not very long  for you to decide if you’d like to do business with one of our electricians.

One of the things we train our technicians on regularly is how to physically present themselves when they arrive at a customer’s door.

We stress the importance of keeping a clean uniform complete with polished shoes.  Having a neatly trimmed beard and smelling good is top on the list.  A smile and hand shake go a long way towards making you, our customer,  feel comfortable.

We believe that how we present ourselves on the outside is a good indication of the care our electricians will take inside your home.

Since we don’t get a second chance to make that first impression, we strive to make that first meeting with an Integra Electrical electrician, the most pleasant it can possibly be.

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