We Hire by Values

Here’s a little insight into how we hire electricians here at Integra Electrical.

We don’t hire just anybody who walks through the door.  Some companies will hire any electrician as long as he’s walking and breathing.  That’s just not us.  We don’t operate that way.  We hire the best of the best because we know that those individuals will be able to serve our customers the best.

That’s what we strive for every day, that awesome customer service experience.  When the applicant walks through the door of course we verify technical ability.  Just as important is that we want to make sure the company’s core values and the applicants core values match.

Our core values here at Integra Electrical are



Servant’s Heart




If the applicant’s values don’t match our company values, they aren’t going to be a good fit.  In the interview process we ask behavioral questions that indirectly lead us to the way an electrician would behave in actual situations.  Rather than ask if he has humility, we may ask a question like, “What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you on a job?”  If he can’t think of anything, he may not be taking responsibility and is lacking in humility which may present problems later on if we hire him.

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