Why Choose Integra?

Solutions & Service with the Right Energy

The electrical industry is a heavily saturated market. That being said, it’s amazing to see how difficult it is to find quality service at a price you can afford. It seems that if an electrical company performs decent work, it always comes at a hefty price. Or, if a contractor charges affordable rates, their quality of service is poor.

At Integra Electrical, we believe that affordability and safety should never be compromised. Bridging the gap between fair prices and valued service, we provide the consistent and customized solutions that Central Iowa homeowners and businesses deserve.

Fully Understanding What’s at Stake

A job well done and subpar work can mean the difference between a safe environment and a lethal electrical system.

When you call our team for service, we know how much is on the line. Taking your safety into our hands is something that we never take lightly—and so, we never rest until we know that your system is in tip-top shape. No matter the circumstances, we never step away from your system until it is one that we ourselves would feel fully comfortable living with.

Training That Can Be Trusted

Many claim to know the ins and outs of electricity—but without the proper credentials, we would never expect you to trust them with your electrical system. At Integra, we’ve gone above and beyond to become trusted experts in our field. Our fully licensed, fully certified electricians have passed every test to assist our service areas. 

family1Operating with Family Value

From our family to yours, we know how much you care about protecting your loved ones. With our services, we treat
each and every home with the care and regard that we would expect someone to show for our family.

Our Electricians Earn Their Integra Badge

No matter how honorable a business owner’s intentions may be, their principles will fail to resonate if their staff does not share the same values. At Integra, we do not hire just anyone. Always believing that you deserve the very best, we take the time to ensure that each new team member represents the honesty and expertise that Integra stands for.

Enhance Your Electric with Integra

Electrical systems may be complicated—but that doesn’t mean electrical service has to be. When you call on our Integra professionals, we keep things simple by providing superior service at a price that you can feel good about.

To schedule service for your home or business, please fill out our online form or call Integra Electrical at 515.305.2017 today.