Home Standby Generators

Preserving Your Safety & Comfort at All Costs

There are certain things in life that you don’t truly appreciate until they’re gone. Take, for instance, your home’s power. You use it every single day, but do not realize how much you rely on it until the lights suddenly go out. But, by that point, you’re at the full disposal of your township to repair the utility line and get your power up and running again.

Here at Integra Electrical, we believe that homeowners deserve better.

Rather than relying on others to restore your power, we help you take matters into your own hands by installing for you your very own home standby generator.

More at Stake than Meets the Eye

Losing power can affect everything from convenience to health. A power outage might not be serious for the family living in mild temperatures that is comfortable counting on their township to make the repair.

However, for the family that’s living in excessive heat or cold, power is precious. Losing power will take a direct hit on some of the home’s most essential appliances, such as the furnace, air conditioner, refrigerator, sump pump, security system and more. One of the most detrimental circumstances is when someone that’s dependent on their medicine can no longer use their supply because it cannot be refrigerated.

How Does a Standby Generator Work?

A home standby generator does more than keep the power going—it also has the capacity to know when it’s time to step in and help, versus when it can step aside and let your utility line get back to work.

Returning power to your home within seconds, these generators will kick in full-force, even when you are not home. Free of extension cords and gas tanks, your generator will get to work without any involvement on your part. You can also decide whether you want power to disperse throughout your entire electrical system, or through specific dedicated circuits that connect to your home’s most vital appliances.

When the utility line voltage is repaired, the automatic transfer switch immediately detects this new power source and will hand the reigns back over to your utility lines. To guarantee that your system is always on deck and ready to save the day, your standby generator will run a 10- to12-minute self-test cycle on a weekly basis.

How Do I Choose the Right Generator for My Home?

Our generator specialists at Integra possess the trained eye that’s needed to find the right fit for your home.

Conducting a full evaluation of your property and your home’s layout, our experts will help point you toward the generator size that will most effectively suit your needs and budget. Before you make the investment, our team goes out of our way to make sure that your home standby generator will keep your power going strong until your utility lines are repaired.

The cost of your system will depend entirely on your system size, power demands, local building codes and other factors. Completely upfront during our installation service, our team works with you to find an affordable, efficient generator for your home. From there, we take care of the entire installation process—from running the natural gas or LP fuel line, to installing all of the necessary electrical connections.

Change The Outcome With Your Own Standby Generator from Integra

Many homeowners are skeptical of generators and believe that since they’ve never had a serious problem so far, purchasing one would be a waste of money.

Located in the heart of the Midwest, we simply never know when our region will become susceptible to natural disasters, particularly tornadoes. Unfortunately, these twisters often arrive without warning, showing zero regard for everything that you stand to lose with a power outage.

At Integra Electrical, we’ve seen firsthand the difference that generators can make. With our home generator installation services, we’ve been able to give Central Iowa homeowners newfound peace of mind that, in the event of a serious emergency, they will be able to weather the storm.

Power Ahead with Your Home Standby Generator

No more sitting in your home watching the lights flicker, thinking every second that the power is going to go out.

To learn more about our generator services, or to schedule service for your home, fill out our online form or call Integra Electrical at 515.305.2017 today.