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Get to Know the Faces of Integra

Before we have the opportunity to service your electrical system, we would love for you to learn more about what makes us Integra Electrical!

ben-8x10 Ben Carpenter

After marrying his high school sweetheart, Jamie in 1995, Ben became the father of five beautiful children. Owning Integra Electrical with his wife, Ben is passionate about applying his craft to assist homeowners and businesses in Central Iowa. When he’s not helping others with their electrical systems, Ben enjoys road cycling and backpacking in the mountains.



Jaime Carpenter

Mother of two boys and three girls, Jamie cherishes raising her children alongside her husband, Ben. Apart from owning Integra Electrical with her husband, Jamie enjoys running to stay in shape and going out to nice dinners with her family on the weekends. 



 Shawn Rowles

A valued team member at Integra Electrical, Shawn is also a father to two boys, Trey and Trent. When he’s not putting his electrical expertise to good use, Shawn loves setting up at craft shows with his wife, Shannon. He also gets a thrill out of shark diving, Renaissance Fairs and spending time with his family.



Trevor Perrigo

Trevor likes working in the electrical field because it gives him an opportunity to work with his hands and provide a good living for his family.  He enjoys target sports in his spare time.




 Rachael Carpenter

Rachael likes backpacking in the mountains, reading about backpacking and planning backpacking trips.  She enjoys helping customers on the phone and scheduling appointments for them.



Lou Grbavac

In his free time, Lou likes to hike and ride the Iowa  bike trails with his son.  Painting and drawing are two of his talents.  His favorite time of year is spring when the weather isn’t too hot or too cold.  He began learning the electrical trade because he has always been interested in how things work.  There’s always something new and interesting each day.


Caleb Hugill

Caleb has 12 years experience in the electrical trade.  When he’s not spending time with his wife and four growing boys, he enjoys reading.   Taking the time to get to know each customer while providing excellent service, is important to Caleb.


Austin Moeller

In his free time, Austin likes to fish, upland bird hunt and small game hunt.  He likes the challenging work and variety that being an electrician provides.  He enjoys working at Integra Electrical because of the high standards that are held.



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Outside of work, we are everyday people—and we are proud to help fellow homeowners and businesses using the skills that we have acquired over the years. Cherishing the customer relationships that we have built thus far, we value the opportunity to meet you and assist you with your electrical system.

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